Watch: Lil Wayne's "God Bless Amerika" video_lowres


Hollygrove's prodigal son Lil Wayne returned to film the Eif Rivera-directed clip for "God Bless Amerika" from his I Am Not a Human Being II. Matching the bleak slow-motion scenery of gutted homes and police in riot gear are Wayne's even bleaker lyrics. On the track, Wayne waxes on his broken country ("my country 'tis of thee, sweet land of kill 'em all and let 'em die") and contemplates suicide: "Two fingers to my head. Pop! Peace of mind. I be in the cloud, cloud number nine." Meanwhile, faces of Hollygrove in the daytime are intercut with police charging with tear gas at night.

It opens with Wayne standing alone with a microphone and an American flag, which drops to reveal hundreds of people in his old neighborhood while he raps, "The stars on the flag are never shining. I saw a butterfly in hell today - will I die or go to jail today? I live by the sword and die by the sword."