The two-year-old federal investigation into former 1st City Court Judge Sonja Spears has concluded with no charges filed against her, according to her attorney, Thomas C. Green of Washington, D.C.

“The investigation of Sonja is over and closed and … no charges will be forthcoming,” Green wrote to Gambit in response to an email inquiry about the status of the case.

Spears, the wife of New Orleans attorney and political operative Ike Spears, became the subject of a federal investigation in the spring of 2010 when it was learned that she had been living part-time in Massachusetts after Hurricane Katrina. She and her husband have children in school there and she underwent two surgeries there after the storm.

The feds subpoenaed Sonja Spears’ personnel file, including payroll and credit card information and expense reports, security video, and records relating to her docket and schedule. She resigned her judgeship, which she first won in 1998, in August 2010. Before resigning, she had been granted brief medical leaves by the Louisiana Supreme Court in 2008 and 2009.

Sonja Spears now has a mediation practice in New Orleans and Massachusetts.