Say what, San Antonio Express-News?_lowres


Gambit arts editor Will Coviello caught the headline on the Tom Benson obituary today in the San Antonio Express-News. And there's more:

Tom Benson Jr., the Texas automobile, banking and media magnate who owned the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans franchises, died Thursday. He was 90.

“Tom was a friend and an ally, and I admired him greatly. He was a proud Texan, who also embraced his leadership role in the state of Louisiana,” said Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboys. 

San Antonio: We know you wanted the New Orleans Saints, and that the Benson family gave millions to charities in Texas, and that they have homes in Texas, but just: no.

Born here, lived here, stayed here, gave millions to local charities, owned both of the city's major sports franchises - Benson was a New Orleanian.