Voodoo Music Experience: Campout — and glampout — info_lowres



Even more interesting than

the early Voodoo Music Experience lineup

(Green Day, Neil Young, Skrillex, etc.) was the news that Voodoogoers will have the chance to camp out in New Orleans City Park. (Yes, Gambit will be doing it.) Tonight we have more details:

The inaugural camping experience will offer festival goers the chance to sleep under the stars amidst two hundred year old oak trees, picturesque lagoons and waterways of New Orleans’ historic City Park and located just steps away from the Voodoo entrance. Camping options range from general tent camping with basic amenities to a luxurious all-encompassing camping experience, where concertgoers can arrive to move-in-ready 10×13 safari style tents complete with cots, bedding and pillows along with exclusive Artist Access throughout the Voodoo site.

Yes, there are rules. Lots of them.

Prices are all over the place, and do not include Voodoo admission (you'll need to purchase a three-day pass in addition to camping fees). A basic campsite for two people is $150 and gets you a 12'x12' square of ground; you pretty much do the rest, though "showers, food and beverage vendors, special activities, 24 hour security and medical services will be available."

The LOA big-shot glamping pass gets you some swank in your accommodations for $1,500. Jeez, you could get three nights at the Ritz for less. Anyway:

Guests at the LOA Grand will sleep in comfort and enjoy unparalleled backstage access throughout the weekend with 2 Artists Passes. Upon arrival you will receive a ready to go fully pitched 10 x 13 safari style tent with 2 cots and bedding just steps away from and overlooking the Voodoo site. You’ll enjoy a water view plus complimentary breakfast, late night snacks, a reserved parking space conveniently located near the LOA Grand site, 24 hour security & medical services, upgraded restrooms, showers, concierge services and more. All campers must be 18+.

Plus there will be electrical outlets in every LOA tent, so let that iPhone run down without worries. Or have your concierge recharge it.

Tickets and info here.