Wall Street Journal: President-elect Trump considering Bobby Jindal for Health & Human Services_lowres

Former Gov. Bobby Jindal (left) reportedly is being considered for President Donald Trump's cabinet - despite Jindal's vituperative criticism of Trump in the GOP primary last year.

A Wall Street Journal report about President-elect Donald Trump's transition team and potential Cabinet includes one extremely familiar name: that of former Gov. (and presidential candidate) Bobby Jindal:

The team has also been assembling a list of people to fill key jobs in a Trump administration. Some have been close to home. Among those discussed for attorney general are New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a top campaign adviser who heads the Trump transition team, and Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson, according to two campaign aides. Mr. Trump’s slim campaign team, which has included former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, may form the core of a Trump administration. Names discussed for Health and Human Services secretary include Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and Ben Carson, one of Mr. Trump’s former primary rivals, one member of the transition team said.

[jump] Jindal, of course, headed the

Louisiana Department of Health

at age 24, a position to which he was appointed by then-Gov. Mike Foster. As governor, he emerged as a national voice against the Affordable Care Act, which Trump has vowed to repeal. During his abortive bid for the GOP presidential nomination, Jindal put forward several plans,

including one on health care

, which includes planks on cross-state health insurance care plans, cracking down on fraud, establishing health savings accounts and several anti-abortion measures, including "strengthening conscience protections for businesses and medical providers."

The Wall Street Journal


indicates that Trump plans to have his cabinet nominated and approved within two weeks of inauguration.

Throughout his own presidential campaign, Jindal slammed Trump relentlessly, calling him (among other things)

"a narcissist and an egomaniac," "a shallow, unstable narcissist" and said Trump looked like he had "a squirrel sitting on his head."