Valerie Sassyfras on 'America's Got Talent'

Valerie Sassyfras on 'America's Got Talent.'

Valerie Sassyfras — the New Orleans musician whose performance at a party at Confetti Park went viral last year — competed tonight for the second time on "America's Kidz Got Singing" (this may or may not be the show's real name).

Sassyfras performed a dance remix of her original competition "Girls' Night Out," whose chorus ("I'm horny and I'm lazy") is instantly memorable.

Performing for judges Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade and the English Guy from American Idol, Sassyfras danced her way through the song until several of the judges hit buzzers that lighted up big red X signs. (This is not the desired outcome on "America's Kidz Got Singing.")

Union was very supportive of Sassyfras' unique musical vision, and Wade — her husband — said, "I believe Miss Sassyfras is my wife's spirit animal."

That is the appropriate response and much nicer than that of erstwhile New Orleanian Ellen DeGeneres, who featured a clip of Sassyfras on her show last year and said, "She's in her own little head." 

Watch Sassyfras impress the judges to some extent:

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