Update: Police have begun enforcing the order.

"Occupy the Lot," a post-eviction offshoot of Occupy New Orleans, was handed eviction notices on Thursday night by the New Orleans Police Department, Officer Frank Robertson just confirmed to Gambit.

A small group has been living on a vacant lot at Earhart Boulevard and Lasalle Street, near the William J. Guste Housing Development, since the group's Dec. 13 eviction from Duncan Plaza. According to parish property records online, the lot is made up of seven privately owned parcels.

"They were issued some notices, but they were on private property, so they knew they would have to leave," Robertson says. Robertson could not say whether property owner complaints led to the eviction notice. He also wasn't sure whether a reported assault Thursday night in the 2200 block of Clio Street — which is about the location of the camp — was related to Occupy the Lot.

A posting on the Occupy New Orleans website says the encampment will be evicted in "the coming days" and Nadra Enzi, aka Capt. Black, who has been associated with the group, tells Gambit that written notices specify 24-48 hours. Robertson couldn't confirm a time frame.

"They'll be given ample opportunity to leave," Robertson says.