This is one of my favorite second lines of the year. Its right in the middle of parade off-season so all that complaining you did in May about the hot azz second lines has worn off and you haven’t had a good buckjump in almost two months and you’d do just about anything to get that feeling again...

So yes, Sunday’s Satchmo Second Line will be hot but its a short route, most of it in shaded areas in the Treme and on Esplanade, and all your second line and brass band people will be out there ret’ to turn it out. Get ready to get hyped!

(the route after the jump!)

Second line begins in front of St. Augustine Church directly after mass around 11:30 a.m.

Corner of St. Claude and Gov. Nicholls.


Gov. Nicholls to North Rampart Street, right on Rampart. Up Rampart to Armstrong Park, U-Turn at St. Ann Street back down Rampart to Esplanade Avenue, turn right. Esplanade all the way down to Decatur. Ends at the Satchmo SummerFest at the Old U.S. Mint.