Metairie flag

Keep an eye out next time you cruise Veterans Memorial Boulevard or West Esplanade Avenue — you might see the new official flag of Metairie, which was unveiled today by the Jefferson Chamber Young Professionals (JCYP) in celebration of the "greater New Orleans region's tricentennial anniversary," the group said in a press release.

The Metairie flag features three gold fleurs-de-lis as well as three gold coeurs-de-lis (lily hearts) on a blue and red field bisected by a diagonal white stripe, which the JCYP says signifies "the principles of natural liberty and equal justice guiding a limited, transparent government." The flag's motto is ardentibus cordibus floremus ("with ardent hearts, we flourish").

(The New Orleans city flag — three gold fleur-de-lis on a white field, with a red stripe on top and a blue stripe below — was adopted in 1918 during the city's bicentennial.)

Jefferson Parish Councilwoman Jennifer Van Vrancken said in a statement: “Metairie holds a significant place in the history of Greater New Orleans. To know our young people have taken it upon themselves to recognize the spirit of this great piece of Jefferson Parish should bring us all tremendous civic pride." 

Metairie, of course, is not an incorporated city of its own. The JCYP says it hopes "a Metairie-specific flag will spark a unique sense of place and identity for the Metairie area and its associated Metairie Ridge communities of Jefferson, Elmwood, and River Ridge."

The new Metairie flag will be officially raised Nov. 1.

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