Midnight Noodle opens at Catahoula Hotel June 30_lowres

Midnight Noodle, a Chinese-inspired pop-up, is opening at the Catahoula Hotel at the end of the month.

Chinese-inspired, plant-based pop-up Midnight Noodle is taking over the kitchen at Catahoula Hotel (914 Union St., 504-603-2442) at the end of the month.

The mostly vegan venture from chef Melvin Stovall will serve dinner at the Central Business District hotel beginning June 30. The boutique hotel opened in 2016, and its lobby bar featured a Peruvian cocktail program with a heavy emphasis on the country’s native pisco. The restaurant had a Peruvian-inspired food menu, which will be replaced by Midnight Noodle.


Stovall was born and raised in New Orleans and spent time in Los Angeles, where he was inspired by the city’s many Thai restaurants and a healthier eating ethos.

When Stovall returned to New Orleans, he replicated some of the flavors of Thai, Sichuan and Shanghai cooking at pop-ups at coffee shops and bars, setting up with little more than a table, a gas burner and a wok. The dishes at Midnight Noodle run the gamut from Taiwanese dim sum to Chinese-inspired potstickers and Indian curries. Major potstickers are stuffed with kale, ginger, scallions and mock pork and served with Sichuan chili oil. Scallion pancakes are served with a sesame and sweet soy sauce. Smashed and marinated garlic cucumbers are served with a Chinese chili oil, black vinegar, citrus, sesame and cilantro. Smoky bao features house-made bao buns filled with a sticky-glazed tofu, pickled cucumbers and roasted peanut sugar. For dessert, there will be a fried vanilla and black sesame ice cream bao topped with coconut condensed milk.

Midnight Noodle’s menu will be available at the hotel’s ground-floor pisco bar and on the third-floor terrace. For more information, visit catahoulahotel.com/midnightnoodle.