Domenica serving up aged eggnog, and it's delicious_lowres



When one thinks of aged spirits, the first things that come to mind might be whiskey, rum, tequila or Cognac. But three month-old eggnog? Domenica's executive pastry chef Lisa Marie White gambled on a recipe, and it's paying off.


So how, exactly, did this concoction come to White?

"I was researching eggnog a while back, because I like to take something that a lot of people don’t generally like and try to make it fabulous. I came across this basic recipe for an aged eggnog and decided to give it a try," said White.

"From there, four years ago, I was making small batches," the pastry chef continued. "I didn’t believe it at first, so we gave it a test run and everybody loved it. So the following year I just went gangbusters and made twenty gallons of it. The recipe I derived it from is by a guy who actually ages it in his garage. Well, I wasn’t really comfortable with that, so I age ours in the walk-in amongst all the pizza dough. For the first month, I'll go in every day and give it a stir, and after that month it’s fine and I don’t have to attend to it for a while. The alcohol content kills any bacteria and keeps it from going bad."

The finished product incorporates a laundry list of ingredients, including Sazerac rye whiskey, nutmeg, cinnamon, orange zest, cloves, black pepper, cane syrup and of course heavy cream. "It’s decadent," said White. "It’s also Italian because I add Luxardo amaretto, which is made from actual almonds, as well as Bayou spiced rum, for some New Orleans flavor."

Those intrigued by the beverage should be forewarned: It packs a wallop. White admits that she's unaware of the potent potable's actual alcohol content, but notes that it's "definitely not for the weak."

Holiday revelers can purchase the beverage by the glass at Domenica for $10. It's also available in a 750 ml bottle for $45, for those looking to take some home to serve at a holiday party or give as a gift.

Said White, "Who doesn’t like a little booze for Christmas?”

Domenica is located at 123 Baronne St. and can be reached at (504) 648-6020.