Assessing Mitch Landrieu's legacy_lowres

Mitch Landrieu, in an interview at the Gambit offices in 2018.

In an interview with Hill.TV promoting his memoir In the Shadow of Statues, former Mayor Mitch Landrieu demurred when host Jamal Simmons asked him directly if he thought President Donald Trump is a racist.

“That’s a harsh thing to call somebody," Landrieu told Simmons, "so rather than me calling him that, I think you can look at someone’s words and actions, and those words and actions reflect what’s in their heart." He added, "Racism is one of the many nasty things that come out of the seed of hatred, and when you see yourself in those ways, you’re actually engaging in behavior that is racist behavior."

In the book, Landrieu draws a direct line from former state Rep. and white supremacist David Duke and Trump. In one chapter, titled "David Duke and Donald Trump, A Nightmare Loop," Landrieu writes, “I watch our country’s institutional crisis provoked by [President Donald] Trump, and my thoughts turn again to the parallels with David Duke’s psychodrama. There is nothing the country is experiencing today that we in Louisiana haven’t seen or faced in the last thirty years.”

To watch the whole interview with Hill.TV, click here.