Booty’s headed to the Bywater_lowres

The logo for Booty's combines a pirate emblem and a unicorn.

There’s another new restaurant bound for the Bywater, and this one promises a menu of street food from around the world and an approach that emphasizes social media and networking.

The restaurant is called Booty’s, and it’s now taking shape in the corner address that had been Channel Zero Video. It’s right in the middle of a wave of new restaurant development in the area.

Booty’s is a project from Nick Vivion and Kevin Farrell, partners who recently moved here from Seattle and now live above their future restaurant. They also run a gay-themed news and culture Web site called Unicorn Booty, which partially explains their restaurant’s name. Their global menu is also part of it.

“It’s tied to the pirate history of New Orleans. Our food comes from all over the world, just like pirate booty,” says Vivion.

In a way, he says, Booty’s will be a physical manifestation of their Web site’s brand. Social media and online marketing will be a key part of the concept, he says, explaining that they’ve taken to calling it a “blogstaurant.”

“People see food as a type of content now. They talk about it online, they take pictures of it. It becomes pixels before they’ve even enjoyed it,” he says. “We want chefs to be Tweeting and sharing the food from the kitchen and we want people to convene at our restaurant like they do online now.”

Vivion and Farrell hope Booty’s will particularly appeal to online workers and creative industry types – people who often work from home or from cafes anyway.

“Working in Seattle, our No. 2 expense after rent was coffee shops,” Vivion says. “As online people, it’s hard to switch off sometimes, so what if there was a place where you could do your work while having great food and a nice cocktail?”

The menu is still in the works, but Vivion says the idea is to serve small plates with flavors drawn from all over the world in a price range where most dishes are under $10. Booty’s will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and Vivion and Farrell are aiming to open by late August.


800 Louisa St.

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