Y@ Speak: Floody French Quarter Fest_lowres


The weather for this year's

French Quarter Festival

wasn't always that great, but that didn't stop a bunch of fools from going out to daydrink and stand in various lines. Also this week:

The New Orleans Bingo! Show and other local folks

perform in our nation's capital, Aubrey Plaza hangs out in New Orleans (maybe her trip down here informed

her MTV Movie Awards shenanigans

?) and flood pictures!

Y@ Speak 4/8-14

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One state rep makes gun control joke. “Here in LA, gun control means using both hands.” Another makes correlation b/w gun ctrl & holocaust.Scott Satchfield
Bicyclists gather in Duncan Plaza for 2nd annual NOLA Bike To Work Day. http://pic.twitter.com/LQhGcnceGIBill Capo
the human brain is a computer. unfortunately, i've spilled a bunch of drinks on mine so it's running slow. i also thnk it's got a porn viruscassidy henehan
Having the time of my life at @channingtatum ' s nightclub #sinnersandsaints in nola w/ #bombardo whstevet! Gjkyhgrwduuj f2fdfcz #ucbtourcoAubrey Plaza
girl giving a presentation on slave narratives right now is wearing a neon shirt that reads REAL WOMEN DRINK BEERAmber
Dicey forecast at #fqf today http://pic.twitter.com/uA7oGnRcCBKeith Spera
A gentleman walking his pig on a leash down Chartres. #FQFJason Saul
Obama & DC come see me this Saturday night at the Kennedy Center! http://ow.ly/jUFc8Big Freedia
Hello, Kennedy Center. @kencen #bingodc http://pic.twitter.com/pYp23ZTRXLNewOrleansBingo!Show
Killer show at #kennedycenter with #bingodc http://instagram.com/p/YEMm9CzNXq/Preservation Hall
Killer show at #kennedycenter with #bingodcPreservation Hall
French Quarter Fest. Jackson Square. @margaretorr @fqfestnola #fqf http://pic.twitter.com/871iXnrVweMary Ehret
A beautiful day for the French quarter festival at the French market #fqf http://pic.twitter.com/Tj019pF4hiNicola Gaston
NEWS: Live music/entertainment at Mimi's in the Marigny (including my HUSTLE Saturdays) is on hiatus effective tonite, until further notice.DJ Soul Sister
Look! Up in the #NOLA sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ... http://pic.twitter.com/eWbRgbwgRCMike Scott
Meschiya Lake & the Lttle Big Horns at #fqf http://pic.twitter.com/z6T612W73irandy
"Skinny Hand Grenade" http://pic.twitter.com/KNnyVf4F0oAlison Fensterstock
Tommy seems to have gotten over thunderstorms: no more whimpering and shivering. Tommy the dog conquers inner fears. Go Tommy.norman robinson
Flooded Bourbon Street. http://instagram.com/p/YEy1REqWCD/Chris Boyd
Flooded Bourbon Street.chrisboyddotnet
A view from my front porch Sunday morning. http://pic.twitter.com/MOuznRjvEnJarvis DeBerry
"Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a believer." - Justin Bieber"Dear Kitty, Justin Bieber is a moron." - Anne FrankAndrew Marin
Favorite French Quarter Fest photo so far. From my husband so it's not my shakey-cam. Courtyard Kings: #fqf http://pic.twitter.com/tDNUieE2TBKaren DaltonBeninato
My Swiss friend's takeaway impression from a day of busking with her harp in the French Quarter: "People here are so round!"Rusty Lazer
Hugo's last game. #RIPannie_roo