Sarah Palin is not the Lamestream Media's sexy Grandparent 2010_lowres


If your parents' sex life is one of the top things you don't like to think about, get ready for Grand magazine to rock your world. Apparently your grandparents are still in the mood. Grand, the magazine for "active grandparents," announced that Dr. Phil is their readers and editors' number one sexiest celebrity grandparent. Full list of the top ten finalists after the jump (because you want to know). (No word on whether Ashton Kutcher voted.)

But before moving on to the list, let's pause to consider a couple things. Is it really sexy to see an old person pose with a baby?

Second, you'll be seeing a lot more of this. Grand launched in 2004 and is one of several publications targeting Boomers, which, from what I can deduce, is not our greatest generation, but definitely one with a lot of cash.

Online readers can of course opt to read the site in one of three font sizes.

America's next 10 sexiest grandparents are...

1 Tina Turner

2 Cheryl Ladd

3 Harrison Ford

4 Jim Carrey

5 Paula Deen

6 Joan Rivers

7 Donny Osmond

8 Lionel Richie

8 Bruce Jenner

10 Goldie Hawn