Ellen DeGeneres snarked on local one-of-a-kind performer Valerie Sassyfras on her show today_lowres

Valerie Sassyfras (seen here performing at the Palm Court Jazz Cafe) was featured on Ellen DeGeneres' show today - and Ellen was kinda mean about it.

New Orleans-born talk show host Ellen DeGeneres showed a video clip today of a fellow New Orleans artist performing her song "Girls Night Out" to what appears to be a children's birthday party - and was sorta Mean Girls about the whole thing.

"She's not playing to her crowd. She's in her own little head," DeGeneres said witheringly. "I'd love to know where that is. I'd love to know more about her."

Ellen! It's Valerie Sassyfras, from your home town! As profiled in Gambit last December on the occasion of her album release! Do you not read Gambit? Has Hollywood changed you that much?

You're the purported Queen of Nice; why are you snarking on Valerie instead of having her on your show?

Update: The video was shot by PopSmartNOLA founder/editor David Lee Simmons (a former Gambit staffer), who says the performance occurred at a children's Mardi Gras parade at Confetti Park - not at a children's birthday party, as DeGeneres said. The original video now has more than 315,000 views on YouTube.