Lots of important developments in this week's tweet roundup: Drew Brees didn't show up to Saints mini camp but did make an appearance at City Council (whose members have actually started showing up), Times-Picayune firings begin Tuesday (in the meantime, be sure to get a T-shirt from the

opportunistic retailer of quirky "only in Nola y'all!" items

of your choice), the Wendell Pierce-produced play

Clybourne Park

won Best Play at last night's Tony's and, perhaps most importantly, there is such thing as apple Hubig's Pie ICE CREAM. I guess things aren't so bad after all.

Y@ Speak 6/4-10

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Stephen Baldwin suing Kevin Costner over an oil spill cleanser is NOLA's best legal drama since Al Copeland & Anne Rice sued each other.Brett
The Some-Times Picayune http://fb.me/15vLslpD6Dirty Coast Press
Not sure why anyone would want to buy/sell/support/wear that SomeTimes Picayune tshirt. It sends no worthwhile msg and I think its insultingAmber Carew
I know it's been said many times and in many ways, but what New Orleans really needs now is another t-shirt company.Matt
Shut. Your. Mouth. @nolaicecream has an apple @hubigspies flavor!! How did I not know this?! http://instagr.am/p/Lei3j-gqlB/Slow Southern Style
http://yfrog.com/oe8keagj Saints mini-camp opens with several fans, no @DrewBreeshttp://bit.ly/KKKelMWWL-TV
Joe Vitt: "Drew is working hard right now." ... Brees' tweet 2 hours later: On set w/Vicks practicing my Nyquil lines. http://pic.twitter.com/bCgwCzRVJeff Duncan
Gonna try to see some new-timey old-timey music tonight in New Orleans!annkpowers
Thank you Theresa Andersson for the awesome one woman show today at the Pandora office! http://instagr.am/p/LgbUQ0vHWa/ (@TAnderssonMusic)Pandora
Doug mouton can report in rain sleet and hail.what a guy!Angela Hill
S/o to ALL my followers........oh my unfollowers too lmao.Tracy Porter
Dear Wisconsin democrats. Please move to Louisiana and recall @bobbyjindal.Old Man Martin
Death and taxes are proud to announce the newest member of their certainty club: Baton Rouge trafficBlackenedOut
Congratulations!Basin Street Records
Just had an interesting conversation with Bobby Hebert about the health and future of the Euro. Mark this down as something I never expectedBradley Handwerger
I guess that counts as an accomplishment these days. RT @The_Gambit: Clerk: "We have six members present." We have quorum." #nocouncilStephanie Grace
how much does a hipster weigh? an instagramhollie golightly
@drewbrees just walked into City Council meeting.Maya Rodriguez
And Breesus did break the Jimmy John's store baked bread and said unto the City Council, "Take this and eat it"skooks
In Bonnaroo Preview NYTimes says "raunchy bounce music of Big Freedia" http://ow.ly/br7ct I'll take it.freddie ross
think NOLA has it bad? The Times-Picayune publishes zero days a week in Atlanta.Andrew Healan
With Katie & Tom out of the US (Taiwan and Louisiana, respectively), I'm enjoying room service at the Plaza and some well-deserved silence.Suri's Burn Book
#TimesPicayune 1-on-1 staff meetings set to start on Tuesday. God bless us every one.Ann Maloney
New Orleans is an amazing city. I would also die within 2 months if I lived here.Hannibal Buress
What's Lou Grant doing in The Times-Picayune newsroom this weekend? http://bit.ly/LgEJIMGambit
@The_Gambit In NOLA, we even like our memes printed on paper.Alison Fensterstock
Man cave..dog and cat standoff..lol http://pic.twitter.com/KAXzDyKNnorman robinson
Dad heading to France this week; asked him to bring me home a 35 hour work week and affordable red wine.BlackenedOut
We did it! Clybourne Park Best Play!!!!!Wendell Pierce
To the cast of Clybourne Park Tony Award for Best Play of 2012! http://pic.twitter.com/18XpWys0Wendell Pierce
Peacefully = jumping off the fucking bridge? RT @MHernandezWWL Police working to reopen I10 after negotiations w gunman ended peacefullyFake Times-Picayune