Leah Chase was known as the queen of Creole cuisine for her mastery of New Orleans flavors.

Politicians, chefs and celebrities are taking to social media to salute Leah Chase, the extraordinary chef and civil rights icon who died last night at 96.

But we wanted to know what our readers remembered about meeting Ms. Leah over the years. Here are some of your memories.

Daryl Dabon Jarvis Class, gracious, tenacity, excellence, role-model, beloved. There was never anyone to high up or to low to. Everyone got the same loving treatment. One in a million. Quietly trailblazing the way. These are the things that I remember and aspire to be. You will be missed!

Melissa Z St Clair Went for lunch for my birthday last year. Asked if Ms Leah would sign books we purchased for some yankee friends. She graciously allowed us to meet her in her kitchen. My man Paul, had brought her two bags of Satsumas from his family farm. Upon receiving them Ms Leah, said Oh baby thank you, you get it! Sit down and visit. What a amazing lady she remembered Paul’s grandfather from old political days and made us feel like family. Spent more than hour listening to the Queen of Creole cooking. What a treasure! Amazing afternoon! God bless Ms Leah, heaven just got the best Gumbo!

Adele Clark Cadard Such a loss. I was always humbled when Mrs Leah would bring the food to my table during my many lunches there. She was always so kind, with friendly conversation. She would remember that I taught and would always ask about my students. I was blessed to have known her even a little.

Rodney Tapp Sr. Aww man....I met her back when I was in high school. She came for our career day. She was so sweet to us. I remember she talked to me about how much she loved cooking and to find something you have a passion about doing. Rest easy Miss Leah....

Lynda Hammersmith She was an amazing woman. I remember going for lunch at Dookie Chase a few years back. I told the waitress how much I had heard about Ms. Leah and how much I respected her story. She asked me If I would like to meet Miss Leah. Of course I said yes, and so the waitress took me back to the kitchen where Miss Leah was sitting at a card table doing her paperwork. She asked me to sit down right there in the kitchen and of course I did. We talked about her history, her husband, Barack Obama Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement. She was one of the most gracious, kind and wise people I have ever met.

Obama visit President Barack Obama visits New Orleans for 10th

President Barack Obama visits Leah Chase in the Lafitte Housing area during his visit to New Orleans for 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Thursday, August 27, 2015. (Photo by David Grunfeld, | The Times-Picayune) ORG XMIT: NOLA1508271345240369

Bekki Renee When she said”you know you’re old when you’re in a museum and you know a lot of people in there too” - in reference to National Museum of African American History and Culture.

Deb Kohler I am saddened to hear of Ms Leah's passing. She was a wonderful person. One of the last times that I saw her was at Dorignac's grocery. She was with her daughter Stella looking for fresh white asparagus to make a soup. She had to resort to the can variety. As we all walked to aisle two she told me how she was going to prepare it.

Jennifer Batiste I have had the pleasure of waiting on her twice and what an impression she left on me. Kind, warm, humble, yet electric woman. Then, a few years ago at the voting precinct in the 7th ward, I was waiting to vote. She was beside me in a wheelchair . At first, I didn't realize it was her until we started to chat about the importance of voting . I left feeling ecstatic that I had just voted with Leah Chase. A true New Orleans moment for me.

Pedronia Elice Burrell-Turner She was very close friend of “Momma Deedy”, the late Mrs. Dolores T. Aaron. Momma Deedy said that Mrs. Chase brought food to her house every day as she became elderly and was unable to cook for herself. New Orleans will never be the same again without her humble yet strong spirit!

Wendy Chisholm I came in late to a dinner one night and the kitchen was closed. She pulled me into the kitchen and fed me.

Samuel WhoDat Wilcher To the family, thank you for letting so many people become part of you. I enjoyed going to Dookie Chase for lunch meetings and the smell of Chicken on Orleans Ave. Rest in Power Ms Leah. You gave us strength and a voice and you will not be missed.

Stephie Stroud I had a conversation with her once as we waited in line to check out at a Mid-City grocery store. She told me how she washed her pots and pans herself every day because no one else did it quite right. She also invited me to stop by and have lunch with her at her restaurant, but sadly I never got around to it. Rest in peace Miss Leah.

Michelle Slagle I attended her talk duirng FQF about how to make Red beans and Rice and I took notes as she talked about picking out the rocks from the Camelia beans before you soaked and cooked. She said you know what is wrong. today...families don't sit down and have meals together..this is imperativef for kids to be part of! . I really don't cook but she made me wanna cook...I left that event in awe and with admiration. Thank you for all you gave and taught us!

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