Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Buras, La. served as the home base for wildlife rescue efforts following the BP oil disaster. The building sat among a makeshift parking lot of cars along levees and ditches down a rocky, wet road on the other side of a levee on Highway 23.

Thousands of birds died in the oil's wake. In July 2010, Deepwater Horizon Unified Command announced the wildlife facility would move to Hammond, two hours from where birds were being picked up. But within three months of Fort Jackson's opening, wildlife teams were able to rescue 894 pelicans.

The HBO Documentary Films crew was there for the No. 895. The 45-minute film Saving Pelican 895 offers a bird's-eye view of how conservationists and government agencies worked to save the lives they could. Here's the trailer:

The documentary airs 8 p.m. tomorrow, April 20, on HBO.