Sidney Torres does The Deed tonight on CNBC_lowres

Sidney Torres, seen here in thoughtful repose, stars in The Deed, which premieres tonight on CNBC.

Developer/trash magnate/local celebrity Sidney Torres' new TV show, The Deed, premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on CNBC. According to the network, it's an "unflinching look at how fortunes are really made in the unpredictable and cutthroat world of real estate flipping and development." (It's also only four episodes, so no big commitment.)

Two things to do while you're waiting: read Gambit's cover story on Torres from June 2016 ("Is this your next mayor?") and let Sid teach you how to renovate a bathroom (below). Here's how he does it (from our cover story):

Dodging plastic sheets descending from the ceiling and piles of wood, tools and extension cords on the floor, Torres arrives in the master bathroom, which is encased in marble sourced from a quarry on the Tuscan coast of Italy near Forte dei Marmi, where a waiting list including Saudi princes queues for slivers of its ancient white stone. It's a painstaking process that begins with carving the rock, injecting a block of marble with epoxy and letting it sit for three days before it's cut into slabs revealing butterfly-like patterns. Then it's covered in another epoxy, placed on an oven rack for eight hours, polished and repolished to a pristine finish.

  Torres had it cut into a bathtub.

  "You can sit like Tony Montana and look at the TV," he says. "Remember that? Scarface?"