When not performing with Quintron, Panacea Theriac (aka Miss Pussycat) is a puppetmaker and filmmaker. For the past seven years, she has produced several films chronicling the adventures of Trixie and the Treetrunks. She's just finishing post-production on the latest installment, a 50-minute film called The Mystery in Old Bathbath. She and Quintron are going out on tour this week, and the film's world premiere will take place in Houston Thursday (followed by screenings and shows in Austin, Waxahatchi, Texas, Oklahoma City, Okla., and Hot Springs, Ark.). The New Orleans premiere will be in early 2013.

The new film features scenes in an art museum, echoing the time Quintron and Miss Pussycat spent in residence at NOMA (Videos from songs off Sucre du Suavage, the album they made while at NOMA here). For those scenes, Panacea had several Bywater-based artists lend her smaller scale works.

Panacea's North Pole Nutrias (featuring the voices of Chris Rose, Bunny Matthews, Al Scramuzza and former Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee) may be familiar to viewers of Cox-10. The half-hour holiday show often runs during the holiday season on the cable channel.