Drunk History will teach us about Louis Armstrong, pirates and bananas_lowres

Justin Long as Arno Penzias and Jason Ritter as Robert Wilson from Drunk History's third season premiere, "New Jersey."

Drunk History's third season premieres tonight, featuring more comedians getting sauced on a couch with their A+ history reports reenacted by other comedians and actors. The first episode goes to New Jersey, and next week it'll go to Miami.

The show was in New Orleans earlier this year, and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, show creator Derek Waters says the New Orleans episode (airing Sept. 15) will explore Louis Armstrong, “where bananas came from,” and Jean Lafitte, who is played by Game Of Thrones actor (and your next Aquaman) Jason Momoa.

Recent Twitter user David Simon will also join the show - an episode Waters' says will cover "journalism" goes to Baltimore where Simon gets drunk and eats crabs.

Drunk History airs 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1 on Comedy Central.