Canada's Globe & Mail newspaper decided to ask Michael "Brownie" Brown's opinion on Hurricane Sandy, and the paper got it:

Federal agencies such as FEMA have a role. FEMA’s is to be that “honest broker” between the states and various localities.

Brownie does not know what "honest broker" means.

But at the end of the day, it is still each of us, as individuals, who are responsible for our own safety and well-being.

But not, apparently, our own Baton Rouge restaurant reservations.

On national television Tuesday, I told New Yorkers they needed to “chill.”

And you didn't get kicked in the nuts by a cameraman? New York, you disappoint me.

Below the fold: Canadians thank the Globe & Mail for providing Brownie insights.

Shame on The Globe for allowing this short sighted loser whose claim to fame is abandoning the people of New Orleans during Katrina.
He writes with the clarity and cogency of a horse trainer. What was the purpose of this piece exactly? To advise us mere mortals that the electricity goes out when it storms? That we may be without computers and frozen peas for a few days? Isn't telling people to "chill" exactly what he did as FEMA Director?
Is it April 1st? Or is Canada so low on the scale of global relevance that we were the only one's to give Brownie a pulpit? The only creatures happy to see him appointed to FEMA were four legged horses.
Wow—what a tool. This has to be the stupidest, most shallow commentary I've ever read. Heckuva job, Globe and Mail.
I couldn't get through this. If there is one person who should shut up right now, it's this guy.
One wonders if Brown truly understands the degree of caricature he has reached.
Brownie lecturing the public on emergency response is like Jerry Sandusky lecturing on child protection, or Lord Conrad Black of Crossharbour lecturing on business ethics.