For someone who can't get in any of the GOP debates (though there's certainly room on the stage these days), Buddy Roemer sure knows how to get TV time. He's appeared on The Colbert Report several times with Stephen Colbert and once on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Now he's completing a comedy-pundit trifecta with a scheduled appearance on Friday's Real Time With Bill Maher. From HBO:

Real Time with Bill Maher continues its tenth season Friday, January 20th (10:00-11:00 p.m. live ET/tape-delayed PT), exclusively on HBO, with an instant replay at 11:00 p.m. following the live presentation. Allowing Maher to offer his unique perspective on contemporary issues, the show includes an opening monologue, roundtable discussions with panelists, and interviews with in-studio and satellite guests.

The roundtable guests this week are former Mich. Gov. Jennifer Granholm, reporter Matt Lewis and former La. Gov. Buddy Roemer; commentator Bill Moyers and Vt. Sen. Bernie Sanders are interview guests.

Hey, Buddy, while you're there: Why don't you ask Bill about that "New Rules" segment he did about Gulf Coast residents in the wake of the BP oil disaster?

And finally, New Rule: Stop talking about jobs being lost in a murderous, hateful industry like it's a bad thing. Now, last week, I may have hurt a few feelings when my response to the complaint that jobs will be lost in the offshore drilling business was, "F**k your jobs!" But, I meant it. And it goes double for burning coal and chopping down redwoods. Sorry, roughnecks*, but eventually, you're going to have to find something else to do. Try building windmills. You know what happens when windmills collapse into the sea? A splash.

You know, it's Washington gospel that jobs in the private sector are better than government jobs. You even hear Democrats saying it. But, oil jobs are private, and look at the toll this industry takes: cooking the planet, enslaving us to Saudi Arabia, killing animals. If the government hired away all the 58,000 oil workers who work now in the state of Louisiana and paid them their same salary to work repairing infrastructure and building solar panels, it would cost us $5.5 billion, which the Pentagon loses every day in the couch.

Wouldn't that be worth it? Is working on an oil rig really that great a job anyway? You spend weeks at a time on a floating well in the ocean. If you want to avoid your family that bad, take up golf. Yes, the oil industry creates jobs. So does the kiddie porn industry.

If Maher blamed Appalachian coal miners after mine collapses, I don't remember seeing it.

* I remember that word pretty clearly as 'rednecks,' not 'roughnecks,' but the HBO transcript has the latter.