They were shaving heads on the sidewalk outside Finn McCool's today to raise money for the St. Baldrick's Foundation, which fights pediatric cancer — and Gambit staffers turned out to watch sales rep Jeff Pizzo do his part.

Gambits Jeff Pizzo: before the clippers.
  • Gambit's Jeff Pizzo: before the clippers.

Under the jump: Pizzo's "after" shot — and pictures of Colleen Stephens of Uptown, who brought along her own hairstylist to cut her 10 inches of hair down to the scalp.


Stephens brought a Ziploc bag to collect her long hair, which she intended to donate to Locks of Love. Five minutes later, St. Baldrick's was $1,500 richer and she looked like this:


As for Pizzo, there were people in our office who were ready to donate big if he'd get his legs waxed. No dice. The emcee at the event even offered to donate $100 if Jeff would shave one leg. But — having raised $2,100 for charity — he decided he'd done enough for the day.