Metal heads and rock ’n’ rollers rejoice. You no longer have to test your strategies in unappreciated terrains like Park Place and Marvin Gardens or dip into the Community Chest for petty cash. Monopoly has tailored collectors editions just for you.

Monopoly released a Metallica Collectors Edition June 17, and has scheduled an August release for a rockin’ AC/DC Collector’s Edition.

The Metallica edition includes stops along the board at club shows, studios, festivals and other landmarks metal fans will appreciate, as well as Binge and Purge and Jump in the Fire spaces where you’ll get a special surprise (some good, some bad).

Even the game pieces are Metallicacentric: a Kill ’Em All hammer, And Justice for All scales, St. Anger fist, Black Album snake, Jump in the Fire demon and a ninja star.

The MSRP is $42.99.


The AC/DC version of Monopoly is in production now and is expected to hit the market in August, with players buying, selling and trading international concert venues and the band’s albums — and improving their bank with gold and platinum records.

Tokens represent albums and songs: a cannon for Those About to Rock, dynamite for T.N.T., a bell with flames for Hells Bells, a lightning bolt for "Thunder Struck", guitarist Angus Young’s school boy hat for "School Days" and stacks of cash for "Money Talks."

These aren’t the first bands to get their own Monopoly games. Other collector’s editions include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, The Grateful Dead and KISS.

The price of the AC/DC game has not been released, but expect it to run about $45.