New Orleans featured in Big Easy Justice reality TV show_lowres



Finally: Bounty hunting news not involving the New Orleans Saints.

Spike TV will air a new bounty hunting reality TV show beginning on April 10. So far, details are slim (or not much different when we reported it here). "Tat-2" is the star of Big Easy Justice, and his "Elite Fugitive Recovery Team" includes Wally (above, left to right), Arseno, (Tat-2) and Viper. Show notes say Tat-2 has 12 years of experience tracking down fugitives wanted for assault, armed robbery, drug crimes and domestic abuse. A trailer should be out Wednesday. Tat-2 figured prominently on WGNO's "Wheel of Justice" segments.

Spike is full of programming about the gritty world of crime and other violence, including Jail, 1000 Ways to Die, The Deadliest Warrior and MMA fighting. Big Easy Justice comes from Roker Entertainment, as in Al Roker, the lovable Today show host and weather guy.

Hopefully this program will work out better than Steven Seagal's stint with Jefferson Parish police. And better than his efforts with Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, where a police raid has resulted in a lawsuit against him and the sheriff's office.