New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees addressing his relationship with the LGBT community.

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees addressing his relationship with the LGBT community in a short Instagram video.

Several days ago, Big Easy Magazine published an article noting that New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees has long been allied with Focus on the Family, a Christian group that supports, among other things, conversion therapy for gays and lesbians. It also opposes same-sex marriage and allowing LGBT people to adopt.

The subject came to a head when Focus on the Family distributed a video with Brees endorsing "Bring Your Bible to School Day,"  a project of Focus on the Family:

Since then, the topic has been debated on New Orleans social media, with some expressing surprise and disappointment, while others say Brees' religious and political beliefs have been well-known throughout his career in New Orleans.

Others have been confused, given Brees' well-known friendship with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, and his filming a PSA for the "It Gets Better" campaign, which assures bullied LGBT kids that life can improve.

A sampling of the takes:

Today Brees released an Instagram video addressing the controversy. 

"Hello, everyone," Brees begins. "There's been a lot of negativity spread about me and the LGBTQ community recently based upon an article that someone wrote with a very negative headline that led people to believe that somehow I was aligned with an organization that was anti-LGBTQ. ... I'd like to set the record straight. I live by two very simple Christian fundamentals, and that is: Love the Lord with all your heart, mind and soul, and: Love your neighbor as yourself." 

Brees speaks a bit more before the video cuts off abruptly, but nowhere does he address the specifics of his relationship to Focus on the Family — which means the matter may not be put to rest.


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