Report: Lindsay Lohan's parents say they may sue U.S. Sen. John Kennedy for making fun of Lindsay_lowres

Lindsay Lohan and U.S. Sen. John Kennedy - don't invite them to the same party.

Because 2017 has not been ridiculous enough, now comes word that U.S. Sen. John Kennedy's tendency to make quippy sound bites has earned him a new enemy: the parents of Lindsay Lohan, who are threatening to sue the senator over a quip he made about their daughter:

Here’s the setup: The Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee was questioning the former head of credit reporting company Equifax, which was hacked last month, leading to the releasing of users’ personal information. The company also won a no-bid government contract to provide taxpayer and personal identity verification services.

[jump] Kennedy, who is not the star of Disney's The Parent Trap, was of course making sport of Lohan's well-documented trips to rehab. Lohan, who is not an elected member of 100 solons chosen to guide our nation during troubled times, took up the 21st-century dueling sword, which is of course Twitter:

Lohan's parents Dina and Michael, who are not the Brady Bunch, were even less amused, implying they might sue Kennedy over him poking fun at their daughter, who is in her mid-thirties (and seems to find her legal counsel via websearches):

"Dina and I are seeking legal counsel for Lindsay regarding the slanderous comments and unprofessional behavior of Senator John Kennedy (R-La.),” he told the site [GossipCop]. “His comment and analogy was inappropriate, slanderous and unwarranted.”

Will it go to trial? Despite the fact that all involved seem to thrive on publicity, it's unlikely; both Lohan and Kennedy likely

would rather drink weed killer

than face off in front of a judge.