Go ahead and insert your corn dog jokes here. I know they're coming. Now all LSU fans can smell like the university with this cologne and perfume from Masik Collegiate Fragrances.

LSU Mens Cologne

[jump] Here's how the company describes the men's cologne:

"Let yourself unwind and enjoy the lush serenity of the Louisiana State University campus. As the breeze gently blows throughout the oak trees, feel the fresh splash of Frozen Basil, Calabrian Bergamot and Armoise. Transcend your spirit as Provencal Lavender, Crushed Sage, Violet Leaf and Clove Bud Madagascar blend for a cool, purple sensory experience."

LSU Womens Perfume

The women's cologne is:

" Inspired by the majestic spirit of the Fighting Tigers, LSU for Women opens with Juicy Plum and Golden Bourbon, symbolizing the time honored school colors of Purple and Gold, pumped up with a splash of Sparkling Mandarin."

Other schools that you can smell like are:

Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, University of Florida, University of Georgia, University of Kentucky, Ole Miss, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Oklahoma, Penn State, South Carolina, Syracuse, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Texas and Virginia Tech.

The men's and women's colognes both sell for $39.50 for 1.7 ounces.