Report: Jindal to bash Hillary Clinton's "mindless naivete" in London speech_lowres


Gov. Bobby Jindal, often on the road, is spending 10 days in Europe right now on an "economic development mission," but there's always room for a little (or a lot) of politicking. Daniel Halper of The Weekly Standard has a copy of some of Jindal's prepared remarks:

According to early excerpts of the address, Jindal will use the speech to bash Hillary Clinton, the likely 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, and to go after radical Islam in wake of last week's Paris terrorist attacks. ... Jindal is planning to say, "Our former Secretary of State in America recently said that we need to 'show respect for our enemies' and 'empathize with their perspective and point of view.' Well, yes, understanding our enemies as a means of destroying them, I’m all for that. But empathizing with them as if perhaps we can find some common ground, I have no interest in that kind of mindless naiveté."

In a

CNN | ORC poll

conducted last month, Jindal was the choice of 4 percent of Republican respondents and independent respondents who lean toward the GOP. Clinton was the choice of 66 percent of Democratic respondents and independents who lean Democratic.