Big Freedia confuses, irritates Postal Service fans in the Northwest_lowres

The Seattle Times was among the papers that didn't like Big Freedia.

New Orleans bon vivant (and occasional Gambit contributor) The Cajun Boy reports for UPROXX that Big Freedia's stint opening for The Postal Service in the great Pacific Northwest may have been a succes d'estime, but was not quite a success with what The Cajun Boy calls The Postal Service's "lily-white fan base"

Hilariously, but predictably, some of the group’s lily-white hipster fanbase - who fancy themselves as curious, cultured, forward-thinking people, mind you - have been a little freaked out by all the on-stage “twerking” ... Meanwhile, Big Freedia is opening for the Postal Service in Berkeley later this week. I fully expect heads to explode.

The Seattle Times

explained further


In the normally neutral space of KeyArena, audience members were irritated, seemed to be uncomfortable with Freedia’s brand of sexual expression and questioned whether the performance was “real music.” Men in the stands conspicuously proclaimed their own heterosexuality, and in general the response was uneasy. Workers at food/beer stands confirmed everyone who ordered from them gave the set a negative review.

Still, that's nothing compared to The Vancouver Sun's

snotty dismissal

of Freedia, which verged on - well, you be the judge:


The leading light of the Crescent City hip hop hybrid called bounce showcased the style’s redux beats in an opening set that had many fleeing to the waiting area for another cocktail.

They drank to forget the sight of her three dancers spending the whole show bent over spread-legged and jiggling their considerable assets non-stop in a ceaseless bump (no grind). There is more to it than one would imagine as audience members pulled up on stage didn’t display anywhere near the elasticity of the pros. Not that anyone should necessarily aspire to a career as a bump-ee.

Either way, the “Queen Diva all the way from New Orleans, Louisiana” has done something quite impressive making a career out of such a limited and, ultimately, annoyingly repetitive genre. It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that it is all an elaborate joke.

I like The Postal Service - a lot. I like Freedia - a lot. Putting the two together in New Orleans would result in an amazing show. Why are they incompatible in the Northwest?

And if you don't like the music, fine, but saying people are "uncomfortable with Freedia's brand of sexual expression"? First, it's not a political statement; it's dancing; second, what's uncomfortable about it? And why do people have to drink "to forget the sight" of a black gay man and his backup dancers?