New Orleans mayoral candidates Rob Couhig, John Georges, Mitch Landrieu and James Perry have endorsed NOLA Recycles 2010's six-point plan for curbside recycling services and waste management. District A council candidate Susan A. Guidry also endorsed the platform.

Read more about NOLA Recycles 2010 on, and read the six-point plan after the jump:

My administration will develop a comprehensive waste management program that minimizes the health and environmental impacts of waste disposal, as well as taps the value of waste materials to build a local recycling economy.  I pledge to take the following actions to better manage our waste during my administration.
1.  Resume curbside recycling
My administration will issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) for curbside recycling services within six months, with the goal of returning curbside recycling within one year of taking office.  Collecting yard waste for composting will be considered for inclusion in our recycling program.

2.  Prevent illegal dumping
Illegal dumping continues spoil the quality of life in many neighborhoods, particularly in New Orleans East and the Lower Ninth ward.  My administration will work closely with the Department of Environmental Quality to continue existing programs and to implement new solutions to this long-standing problem.  I will be a visible and vocal advocate against illegal dumping and provide city staff with the support and resources they need to implement effective programs.

3.  Provide safe disposal options for household hazardous waste
Under my administration, the Department of Sanitation will provide an educational program about household hazardous waste and a program for safe collection of household chemicals.

4.  Require the recycling of construction and demolition waste in city projects
To build local capacity for construction and demolition debris recycling, all City of New Orleans new construction and major renovations will achieve at least 50% recycling of non-hazardous demolition and construction waste, as defined by the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED New Construction and Major Renovation standard.

5. Charge the Department of Sanitation with the promotion and expansion of recycling
The responsibilities of the Department of Sanitation must be broadened to include the development of programs that will reduce waste and expand recycling in New Orleans.  Under my administration, the evaluation the Director of the Department of Sanitation will consider how he or she has worked with residents, businesses and institutions to increase our city’s overall rate of recycling.

6. Begin a recycling program and recycled products purchasing policy in City Hall

Under my administration, recycling will be available in city hall offices and guidance will be developed to encourage city offices to purchase products made with recycled materials, such as recycled paper.