Saints Scuttlebutt: 8/7_lowres


So what should we look for during tonight's Saints-Cardinals game? Well turns out at least 9 starters will sit tonight, it's all part of Coach Payton's philosophy to "play smart." Of course, Payton is looking forward to seeing what's in store for his team, and everyone's paying attention to the Cardinals (for once). Payton's taken care of every part of preperation for this game, while his players are looking to rebound and "turn the corner" from disssapointing seasons last yearno one is taking anything for granted. Just what kind of postcard are people sending from Jackson? Well, aside from talking offense and defense,  one could be "wish you were Thomas."And while Cardinals soup is on the menu, you can't ignore the sound of Cadillac engines rumbling. People are singing "tomorrow, tomorrow," (at least they were yesterday) and blessing these boys, because even though some free agents are just walking, some are convinced the Saints year has come.