Wanna jolt of feel good? Take a look at this- this is the future of New Orleans.

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Cousins Glen 'Budda' Andrews (18 yrs) and Hassan 'Too' Goffner (8 yrs) on snare with TBC Brass Band at Sunday’s Satchmo second line. Glen's dad Glen Andrews plays trumpet for Rebirth Brass Band, Hassan's dad is Troy 'Trombone Shorty' Andrews.  At the 6:19 mark, cousin #3 Jenard Andrews (21 yrs), son of trumpeter James ‘the Satchmo of the Ghetto’ Andrews and member of The Baby Boyz Brass Band, steps up with his band to battle TBC’s back row.  

Hassan’s mother Shalanda Goffner, dancing next to him in the green shirt, is one of the preeminent Lady Buckjumpers and her husband TBC tuba player Brenard 'Bunny' Adams is his Hassan's stepfather. Glen is the official snare drummer for the band and he, along with the rest of the members of TBC, mentors and encourages Hassan's musical ambition, inviting him to play second lines and other public performances with the band.  

This is the kinda Natruly NewAwlins juice that gets me hype: Family, love, talent, mentorship, tradition. Thats how we get to the future, with these old school ingredients right here. 

A feel good lagniappe: George Benson’s ‘On Broadway’ revisited brass band style. Incredible sound.

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