Another day, another subjective-but-entertaining list in which New Orleans is included ...

According to Sperling's Best Places and the manufacturer of a certain brand of nasal strips, the Crescent City is America's third-most congested burg, right behind Oklahoma City, Okla. and Birmingham, Ala. And they're not talking traffic congestion:

Seven categories were taken into consideration when ranking the most stuffed-up cities: pollen count, molds and spores; air pollution; incidence of flu; purchase habits of congestion products; prescriptions of congestion relief drugs; smoking; and climate.

And if you're particularly congested today — this lovely fall weather has also brought out the ragweed, grass and elm pollen; we're almost at a pollen Code Red.

We already knew we were America's most well-endowed city, as well as the country's second-kinkiest city. Why doesn't the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau ever put these sorts of stats on the brochures?

Under the jump: America's Top 20 Congested Cities.

The Top 20 most congested cities, in order:

Oklahoma City, Okla.

Birmingham, Ala.

New Orleans, La.

Louisville, Ky.

Memphis, Tenn.

San Antonio, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Charlotte, N.C.

Houston, Texas

Philadelphia, Pa.

St. Louis, Mo.

Indianapolis, Ind.

Richmond, Va.

Austin, Texas

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Detroit, Mich.

Columbia, S.C.

Nashville, Tenn.

Tampa, Fla.

Cincinnati, Ohio