All is forgiven, Carlos Mencia_lowres


It was just yesterday when I overheard a spirited discussion between Gambiteers Alex Woodward and Noah Bonaparte Pais, who had paused from their labors to debate who was the least funny comedian of our time (the consensus seemed to be some tie between Dane Cook and Carlos Mencia). At the time, I had no opinion, but right now I'd like to submit the name of one Daniel Tosh.

Apparently Daniel Tosh has a new television show on Comedy Central, tosh.0, in which he shows funny Internet clips and then talks over them, rendering them less funny.

But this is not why I think Daniel Tosh is unfunny. No, it's this interview from Punchline magazine:

“Am I the only person who hopes New Orleans gets nailed again this year?” Tosh begins in a bit from a few years ago. “Let’s spend billions of dollars rebuilding a city that’s below sea level. That’s a genius idea. I say cut our losses and finish the job, Lord…”

“If any city in this country needed a bath, it was New Orleans. Cajuns are dirty. That’s a fact. That’s French and Redneck merging. That’s a hygiene combination no antiperspirant can tackle.”

And with that, Tosh managed to out-Mencia Carlos Mencia's infamous rant -- “I’m glad Hurricane Katrina happened. It taught us an important lesson: black people can’t swim.” -- that got him disinvited to ride in this year's Krewe of Orpheus.

Tosh is currently on tour, but his schedule doesn't have him coming anywhere near New Orleans or Acadiana; we'll be sure to let you know if that changes.