Anthony Davis Goofs around while Austin Rivers does a video spot
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  • Anthony Davis Goofs around while Austin Rivers does a video spot

So the Hornets hosted media day sometime in the mid-90s today and, thus, we had no WiFi. If you're following me on Twitter (which, duh, you should) you've been bombarded with pictures of players getting their pictures taken but otherwise, I apologize for not getting something up sooner.

NBA media day, for the uninitiated, is when pro basketball teams take their players out, take all the pictures, audio and video they need for the year (including those clips you'll see on the jumbotron during games) AND let all of the local media go nuts with interviews. It's kind of a circus if you don't know what you're getting into but, really, it's all one giant press conference with players, coaches and staff being cycled around different stations to be photographed, filmed or interviewed.

If you're looking for some ground-breaking journalism, this is not the place to look. However, if you want to hear rote answers to generic questions and silly pictures of players goofing around, then you're in heaven. Hit the jump for pictures like the one above and, for those who speak spanish, a fun interview with Hornets guard Greivis Vasquez.

If you want to get a sense of what Media Day is really all about, it can be summed up in the picture at the top of this post and the one below. Starting with the top, Hornets rookie Austin Rivers was filming a video spot for Fox Sports New Orleans where his script asked him to say "Tell you mom 'n 'dem" to watch the network. Rivers was struggling mightily with this line and Davis, standing on the side waiting for his turn in front of the camera, was giving him incessant grief over it.

The second photo, below, is of new Hornets Robin Lopez and Hakime Warrick, doing one-on-one interviews less than two fee from each other. Lopez, clearly used to having to talk to people much shorter than him, is my favorite. Leaning over the chair to answer questions from Times-Pic beat writer Jimmy Smith while Warrick answers similar questions behind him was an exercise he and every other Hornet repeated ad nauseam.

Hakim Warrick and Robin Lopez are interviewed right next to each other

In terms of explosive quotes, you'd be hard pressed to find any. The closest anyone said that was controversial was Eric Gordon saying rooking Anthony Davis is "too young to have a crazy personality." Forgetting that most people's crazy personality usually comes out mostly in their youth, it's kind of a silly quote all around and one that came after a reporter asked if Gordon was getting along with Davis. Because, if nothing else, an NBA team is like a high school where the primary concern is who the cool kids are and how well they get along (actually, it's scary how true that actually can be...let's move on).

Eric Gordon talks to the media

And then there's moments like the one below. Vasquez, the only Venezuelan-born NBA player in the league, was shuffled through a press conference and an interview with before taking a moment with to conduct an all-Spanish interview with Gambit. Now, I realize this is not a Spanish language website and that most Gambit readers will not have any clue what we're talking about, but if nothing else tells you about how freewheeling media day is, it's a shaky, cameraphone-recorded, five-plus-minute interview with an NBA player conducted entirely in Spanish.