Houston Texans' shorts style_lowres


Having the Texans in town gives the local media all sorts of chances to take a close look at an NFL team not called the Saints. It's a good way to judge the home team's talent as compared to another and see how the offense and defense react to opposing teams in practice.

For me, it's a chance to examine the words written on the backs of players shorts. If you can't make it out, it says "Protect the ball!" For some reason, there was an inordinate amount of defensive players wearing this slogan. It didn't make much sense until I saw the other set that said "Take it away!" and realized that both were team slogans this year and everyone was wearing them, regardless of position.

Actually, the slogans sort of make sense. And, considering the Texans went 8-8 last year with the leagues second-worst giveaway/takeaway ratio, it might be something to keep an eye on.