The first of many Occupy NOLA explainers from your confused local media_lowres


New Orleans will be #Occupied as opposed to just occupied, on Thursday, and, if Occupy Wall Street has been any indication, participants in the protest are going to be endlessly hectored by local media for a statement of purpose or list of demands or something.

They will likely give one, and that will confuse matters more.

A sprawling, unfocused, overly earnest, TV-news-unfriendly script for a cartoon based on a TV show based on a movie based on a comic book. Okay, and that will confirm for a lot of people that what we're dealing with here is a bunch of etc. who have too much damn whatever on their hands and just need to grow up and settle down with a nice job-spouse-drink.

But the fact that this movement has been going on for a while, has not lost its momentum and is in fact growing nationwide perhaps suggest that we're not doing ourselves any favors in disregarding it so quickly. So here, briefly, are some decent explanations I've seen in the past few days.

Author/reporter/preeminent Wall St. bitterness expert Matt Taibbi on Countdown with Keith Olbermann:

Writer Edward Murray at Huffington Post:

An easy way to dismiss the relevance of Occupy Wall Street is to label it as a bunch of unemployed kids with no clear-cut agenda shouting, "Grr, money bad!" This is not the situation. Young New Yorkers don't need to sleep in a park to complain about being broke; they have bars in Astoria for that. Some people say that the protestors are only undermining their cause by not having a clear mission statement. But that may not be true, either. In fact, Occupy Wall Street may expose the Achilles' heel of many other civil protests. Occupy Wall Street has no repeated cheer to stop coal mining, or to grant civil rights, or even to end a war. This protest cannot be boiled down to a simple soundbite because this protest is ambitiously seeking a complex, fundamental, philosophical change in the social, political, and economic infrastructure of our country. (Try feeding that line to Katie Couric before she goes on the air and see what kind of terrified, vacuous stare you get in return.)

And probably the best, and simplest, of them all, the We Are the 99 Percent Tumblr: