Deven Green, aka 'America's Best Christian,' coming to Cafe Istanbul Nov. 9-10_lowres


Comedian Deven Green is better known to many as Mrs. Betty Bowers, "America's Best Christian." On her YouTube channel, Bowers delves into what's actually in the Bible on a host of topics. One episode about traditional marriage explores many of the odder marital pretexts and arrangements found in the Bible. Green also is known for a parody of Melania Trump that went viral.

Green sings and plays ukulele, and she will perform (not as Bowers) in New Orleans for the first time when she joins Varla Jean Merman in a cabaret show at Cafe Istanbul Nov. 9-10. Merman, aka Jeffery Roberson, will perform songs from her latest show, Bad Heroine. The two will do some songs together.

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[jump] Bowers is a creation of Andrew Bradley. In the series, In an upbeat, unflappable tone, Bowers addresses stories and views found in the Bible, as well as inconsistencies between current right wing political views and the Bible, and occasionally poor grammar and word usage.