Happy Dyngus Day! Now celebrate with Polish food and pranks_lowres



Do you like pulling pranks? Are pirogies one of your favorite foods? Have you ever danced (willingly) to polka music?

If so, rejoice: Today is a holiday built just for you!

Dyngus Day - a Slavic holiday also known as “Easter Monday,” which marks the end of Lent - has in recent years become a much larger celebration of Polish culture and cuisine.

While traditions vary from town-to-town, food is at the heart of all revelry. Here in New Orleans, Kukhnya-the “Slavic soul food” restaurant in the back of Siberia-has become the city’s hub for Dyngus Day madness, and will be celebrating tonight with a special Polish menu. Offerings include hearty, traditional dishes like bigos (a hunter’s stew with beef, pork, cabbage, and dates) and Cleaver & Co. created kielbasa, as well as more playful options, like Polish meatballs and a Polish pretzel dog.

If you’re into tricks and goofs with your dinner, start preparing now. Traditional pranks include young men pouring buckets of water (or cologne) over the heads of ladies and chasing them with willow branches. Don’t worry, gals: the day after Dyngus Day is reserved for your retaliatory pranks, which include throwing dinner plates, broken cooking dishes, and other kitchen items at the ornery lads.