Tee-Eva's Looking for New Location_lowres


Local pie and praline queen, baby doll and R&B performer Eva Louis Perry, better known as Tee Eva, says her days at her bright-yellow sno-ball stand and pie shop on Magazine Street are numbered. She is, however, working on a deal for a new location for her business.

A new owner has bought the building at 4430 Magazine St., home to Tee Eva’s Famous Pies and Pralines, and Tee Eva says she's received notice giving her until June 30 to move out.

"It brought tears to my eyes when I got that letter," she says. "It feels like home, you know? I want to stay where everyone knows where to find me."

Today, the low cinderblock building with its vivid colors and mural (pictured above) is hard to miss indeed. Still, Tee Eva says she hopes to make her involuntary move into an event to show people where to find her in the future. She has not finalized the new location, however, but says the spot she's eyeing is nearby in the Uptown area.

"I'm look forward to continuing business, not closing it, but continuing it in a new place," she says. "I hope to have some brass bands get together and give me a big second line parade to my next location. I've done a lot for them, hopefully they'll come out for me."

A Louisiana native, Tee Eva began her career in Los Angeles as a caterer, but moved back to New Orleans in 1987 after an earthquake. She has cooked and sold her pralines and pies from a few locations around town, and has been at her current Magazine Street spot since 1994.

She is the cousin of the late Antoinette K-Doe and was a singer backing up Ernie K-Doe before his death in 2001.