The story is tragic, and the headline sums it up: "Families try to cope after arrest in Calif. girl's death; child's body found stuffed in a suitcase." Surely the commenters over at will be able to restrain themselves, just this once...

Oh mais non:

Okay all my white racist bloggers whats your comments on this?This is just outright said.
The features of the female suspect in the California murder do not appear to be the features of a Caucasian.
tell me it ain't so, a white female kills a white kid and stuffs her in a suit case...

I'm shock, appauled..

I don't care, end of story...

In a previous entry I identified the suspect's features as being "negroid." The entry was deleted, as this one will be also.
Not that it matters, but the little girl was more mexican than not. Some of the photos of the suspect look like she has coarse hair or at least very bad split ends.

Yeah. Not that it matters.

You've got to feel sorry for the T-P writers and editors who bust their asses to produce good work, only to see it undermined, hour after hour, day after day, by blithering racist knuckledraggers who can only see anything through the prism of race (even when it doesn't have any application to the story involved) and who, in a righteous world, would be tossed off the most insane, fringe moonbat radio call-in shows.

Or maybe it's all a clever plan designed to staunch the bleeding in the print media, a way to get eyeballs off the Internet and back on the printed page.

Whatever it is, it's bull, I'm tired of it, I've given up wondering if will ever take an interest in getting a handle on it, and I'm embarrassed to send out-of-town friends to the online Times-Picayune to read a story for fear they'll think we're an entire city of troglodytes. OUT.