12:15 pm: If you're reading this, tune in to WWOZ 90.7FM (or wwoz.org) for a rare treat: two more hours of live conversation with legendary trumpeter, producer, arranger and bandleader Dave Bartholomew, who celebrates his 88th birthday today. The notoriously irascible Rock n'Roll Hall of Famer is a very, very elusive bird indeed; he's disavowed Jazz Fest and last year bowed out of what would have been (as he declared) his last performance ever, at the Ponderosa Stomp. Bartholomew, from his own big band through his time as the creative force behind Lew Chudd's Imperial Records (and behind Fats Domino) was the guiding hand that arguably shaped the Crescent City R&B sound. So far, Bob French, Smokey Johnson and David Torkanowsky have all stopped in to chat with Dave and host George Ingmire on the show - who knows what's next? There's two more hours in the show. EDIT: Cosimo Matassa has just joined the gang. Listen!