If you’re heading to Orpheus tonight, keep an eye out for the Sirens of New Orleans, a new all-women’s marching/dancing group decked out like mermaids in custom-made corsets, flowing wigs and nautically themed tiaras. Try to coax one into giving you a handcrafted message-in-a-bottle throw, one of the more unique treasures of the Carnival season. The street-safe plastic bottles are decorated in nautical themes, and inside are messages ranging from recipes to quotes to treasure maps.

The sirens are making their first appearance in a Carnival parade. Forty-three of the 63 members will perform choreographed dances to a variety of tunes ranging from Broadway show tunes to Mardi Gras Indian music.

When not on the parade route, the sirens are involved in philanthropic and fundraising activities — this year benefiting the Louisiana Outdoor Outreach Program, which endeavors to develop confidence and self-esteem in children.

Here are a few of their throws.