Out now: new music from Big Freedia, Thou, Guts Club, Curren$y and Gregory Agid_lowres

Big Freedia will perform at the second annual Pride Prom for LGBT teens and young adults.

Ambassador of bounce, booty-popping and so much more Big Freedia is now a tour guide of sorts. In today's New York Times, Freedia offers "Five Places to Visit in New Orleans." 

The spots: Morrow's on St. Claude ("a menu really off the chain"), Neyow's Soul Food ("bomb chargrilled oysters), Republic NOLA, Cafe Du Monde and Manchu Food Store on N. Claiborne Avenue: "I don’t know what those people do to that fried chicken, but they got all of New Orleans hooked on it. When I have my parties I get 300 pieces and people eat it all up in five minutes, I swear."

Not a bad list at all, but if it results in Willie Mae's-style lines of Airbnb-ers outside Manchu, some people aren't going to be happy.

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