N.O.M.T.O.C., New Orleans Most Talked of Club, paraded in Algiers Saturday morning, largely spared of rain on a weekend forecast to have bad weather.

The theme celebrated New Orleans' history, and the krewe threw in some Algiers, noting a fire that destroyed most buildings in Algiers and the founding of the U.S. Naval station at Algiers. It also marked landmarks in black history, such as the creation of Dillard and Southern universities. A float honoring Mother Katharine Drexel featured a giant nun.

[jump] The parade had what must be some of the most detailed float titles in Carnival history. Some of the placard descriptions were quite long, such as a float marking the revolution in Haiti. It read, "Haitian Revolution created migration of 5,800 immigrants to New Orleans resulting in majority African American city by 1809." The float featured a bust of a Creole woman.

A floats celebrated the Louisiana Purchase and other famous historical events. Those events also included note of the New Orleans Saints winning the Super Bowl, with a float featuring the giant bust of a helmeted player.

Unfortunately, many floats drew no connections between the float title and the decoration of the float. A float title noting the Battle of New Orleans and defeat of the British was attached to a float with a bust of New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees.

The procession included bands from L.B. Landry-O. Perry Walker High School, Edna Karr High School, Shaw High School in East Cleveland, Ohio, Gretna Middle School, Towers High School in Decatur, Georgia, West Jefferson High School, South Plaquemines High School, L.W. Higgins High School and others.

The procession also included many horse-riding groups, including Buffalo Soldiers groups and 504 Boyz.