Cowboy Mouth and Guy Fieri. Guy Fieri and Cowboy Mouth. Cowboy Mouth. Guy Fieri. Cowboy Mouth. Guy Fieri.

Hearing their names, together, felt like a warm breeze. Familiar. Comforting. It all made sense. The golden-haired godhead of smashing food into one's mouth meets the mouth itself. Guy Fieri. Cowboy Mouth. Planets aligned.

Guy Fieri - large food eater last seen in New Orleans reuniting with the Hot Boys during All-Star Weekend - will once again grace our gravy-soaked Flavortown on his Rockin' Roadshow this Sunday, June 25 at Tipitina's with a performance from Cowboy Mouth.

Guy Fieri, the Cowboy Mouth of food, and Fred LeBlanc, the Guy Fieri of Cowboy Mouth, apparently have an undeniable magnetism, a 20-year friendship that began with a courtship dance at a Cowboy Mouth concert in California. The rest, they say, is history. Tell 'em, Doug:

The story goes that LeBlanc - and this will surprise no one who's ever seen Cowboy Mouth - left the stage, waded into the audience, and climbed atop the table where Fieri sat.

LeBlanc says he doesn't remember calling the crowd's attention to Fieri's blonde brush-cut hair, but the celebrity chef says he did - again, could anyone doubt this? LeBlanc said he probably recognized Fieri as the most likely hell-raiser in the audience.

Ah, yes. Classic Guy. Classic Fred. Raising hell to the tune of "Jenny Says" at a seated concert. Their friendship joins the annals of New Orleans food-and-music camaraderie,

alongside Emeril Lagasse and Sammy Hagar

. May they be blessed with 20 more years of companionship.

Cowboy Mouth performs at Guy Fieri's Rockin' Roadshow at 8 p.m. Sunday, June 25 at Tipitina's (501 Napoleon Ave.). Doors open at 7 p.m. Admission is free.