You may have heard about The Taste Buds, Amanda Shaw and a bunch of New Orleans volunteers traveling to Joplin, Mo. yesterday to cook some food, play some music and lift some spirits among the tornado survivors there. Here's the story from the Joplin Globe:

For Joplin resident Jennifer McDonald, it wasn’t just the New Orleans-style music and food that brought her to Landreth Park on Tuesday night.

“Seeing Louisiana not just here in spirit, but physically here, it brings a tear to your eye,” she said.

McDonald was among hundreds of Joplin residents and volunteers who turned out for music and New Orleans-style seafood, served by The Taste Buds as part of the Three Chefs, One Mission project in Landreth Park. ...

The Taste Buds, a New Orleans-based food company, was founded by chefs Greg Reggio, Gary Darling and Hans Limburg. The Three Chefs, One Mission project is designed to reach out to communities coping with disaster, much like New Orleans did in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

The Taste Buds arrived from Louisiana on Tuesday morning, and spent the afternoon cooking and later serving a traditional menu that included spinach salad, bread pudding, oysters, crab, jambalaya and alligator. They brought tractor-trailers of equipment, roughly 600 pounds of food, 30 staff members and area volunteers, and assembled a full kitchen on the stage in the park with the goal of feeding about 1,000 people.

NBC Nightly News did a nice feature on the trip (you may have to sit through a pukey BP ad first):

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Here's a bonus video of Amanda Shaw talking about why she went to Joplin:

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